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Tuesday, August 19, 2014

If You Want to be on Daddy's Blog then...

Let me just tell you - LILY IS SO FUNNY!.......and SERIOUS!

Two days ago My Little Helper, Lily, whispered in my ear that "she needed to talk to me in private." So we went upstairs and she went on to tell me what was on her mind. Then we went about our day.

Later that evening, while the whole family, including Mimi & PopPop, were sitting in the living room, Lily turned to me and said, "So tell them." I said "not right now, because we are trying to relax." She said, "no you need to tell them."

This of course led to Paige, Luke and mommy all asking, "Tell us what?"

After few more minutes of good natured suspense...I talked Lily into telling them.
Lily went on to explain in her sweet, but very serious, manner that "If you want to be in daddy's blog then you have to REALLY help. You just can't show up, take a picture, then leave and go back to playing on a tablet or watching TV or something and expect to be in daddy's blog. Because that is not helping. That is not fair to me and daddy. We are working hard to fix the house and you just can't show up and take a picture and expect to be in the blog."
We all just looked at each other with a mixture of surprise and adulation on our faces. She is really something else!!! For years now Karen and I (and her teachers) have all said Lily is going to be a Judge some day, because "being fair" is of the utmost importance to her. She is always quick to point out any injustice - no matter if it is the classroom, living room or on the playground.

So what brought this on? Paige and Luke have been feeling a little left out recently, because my blog has so many pictures of Lily helping me with the household projects. I explained that Lily truly enjoys learning how to work on the house and is by my side from start to finish of almost every project. Therefore she has had more picture opportunities. These complaints from her siblings have obviously been festering in Lily's "in justice for all" mind...which led to this little proclamation.

So when I asked yesterday, "Who wants to help daddy put up the tent?" I received the usually "Me!" from Lily. I also heard a few "Will I get in your blog?" from Paige and Luke. So when I said "Sure" I suddenly had more than my share of help!

Paige and Luke were there to help at the beginning stages of the project.

Lily, of course, was there until the bitter end (only 15 minutes later).
Her prize? Getting a few extra pictures in daddy's blog...
...and being the first to go inside the tent!

I'd be remiss to not mention my other little helper on this day.
He has been a big help in quite a few of my home projects over the years.
Thanks PopPop!

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