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Wednesday, April 30, 2014

My Little Helper

Restoring the Splendor is truly a family affair in the Splendido House. Sure Karen & I lead the charge, but whenever I am about to get dirty or use a power tool - I usually hear a chorus of "Can I help?" from my 3 little elves. With that said - if one of my offspring is going to be a future home restoration expert - it would be Lily. Long after the other two have gotten bored, Lily is standing by my side pitching in.

The day I removed all the wallpaper from the kitchen in March was less than fun. 8 hours of prep including paper tiger-ing, spraying the walls, scraping, scrubbing adhesive and washing and re-washing. After-all a good paint job starts with good prep work. Lily (6 y.o.) was by my side for at least 6 hours of it asking, "Is it my turn yet?" She was very excited to learn how to spray the walls with the pressure sprayer and then scrape the wallpaper off.

She quickly realized it was a wet job and disappeared and then returned with this work uniform.


Sweet Helper Lily...
...and Silly Lily
Even though their help usually makes the work a little more slow going in real time, enjoying our time together and watching them learn is a trade off I will gladly make.

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